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X-Factor's easy-to-use flagship application, Digital Screen Control Portal (DSCP://), delivers a unique single point HTML5 enabled publishing capability for actionable notifications including emergency messages, alerts and rich interactive informational content to any IP connected endpoint that link to SharePoint, any Intranet resources and collaboration applications. This powerful platform also supports advertising distribution and sales as well as strategic marketing campaigns.

Our latest release 4.0 incorporates HTML5, making it possible to publish urgent information to mobile phones, tablets, smart phones, SharePoint, desktops, kiosks, digital signs, intranet sites and telephones. Based on the selected Mass Notification profile, the content of the alert automatically gets sent via email, SMS text messaging and live phone call with text-to-speech conversion to all intended recipients.

The DSCP platform is designed for non-technical users and can be acquired as a subscription or purchased license and delivered either as a software-as-a-service ("SaaS") or from your premise-based physical or virtual server. Originally developed for the digital signage industry, this fourth generation product delivers robust messaging capabilities right to your fingertips. With an array of software solutions, the centrally managed messages can instantly be seen on any device across your organization, and beyond.


Market Leading Functionality

Any Device - End-to end HTML5 - based platform enabling real-time emergency alerts to be delivered to any connected endpoint.

Mass Notification - Extend the reach of emergency alerts from digital signs, desktops, and websites to email, pagers, text messages and live phone calls using text-to-speech conversion technology - all from a single console.

Interactive Content - Embed clickable and objects within any message or alert soliciting feedback or linking to intranet content.

Receipt Acknowledgement - Enables receivers to confirm receipt of alerts on all responding devices and dispatches a signal to the sender, letting them know their message was received.

Alert Agent - Scheduled content can be superseded with emergency alerts on the entire system or, if you prefer, to targeted regions.

Multiple Levels of Security - Users can summon and receive help in all levels of urgency - from low level to high and the signage platform can be configured to monitor any data source for specific conditions including weather or homeland security.

Content Creation - Easily incorporate PowerPoint, websites, live video and real-time RSS and XML feeds to provide customized informational applications, news and weather on any display.

Hierarchy Control - Secure login with name and permission based access control using pre-set and or customizable user rights.

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