Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications Control Center (C4)

Corporate Communications Control Center (C4) solution allows organizations to drive performance, productivity and compliance by creating and delivering actionable real-time emergency alerts, Mass Notifications, emergency messages and rich informational content to any connected device. Corporate communication has never been more engaging and employees more likely to take action with enhanced intranet and web collaboration capabilities making sharing information intuitive, responsive and easy.


Any Content. Any Device. Anywhere.

The C4 solution allows users to create eye-catching, visual representations of messages and emergency alerts making internal and external communication more engaging and your employees and visitors more likely to take action.

  • Publish any device notifications that drive performance, productive, safety and compliance
  • Target audience with brief, instant , actionable messages and emergency notifications
  • Provide easy to use alert and digital media publishing to any device with links to SharePoint/Intranet pages, browser based corporate applications and streaming media driving corporate information
  • Link to web collaboration and corporate information systems
  • Incorporate PowerPoint documents, websites, live videos and real-time RSS and XML feeds to provide customized information applications
  • Enable receivers to confirm receipt of message or alert
  • Cloud or premise based deployment options

The C4 solution includes the following applications:

Screensaver runs on any workstation presenting content in screensaver mode and can be configured to lock (require password) upon deactivation in order to comply with company security policy.

Desktop Player turns all desktops into interactive digital signs allowing for a "one click" hot-link access to connect to any live, web or media content. It is an easy way to connect employees or visitors to company events, intranet site or application portal.

Web Plug-In is used for extending content managed within DSCP platform to internal and external websites, most often for SharePoint, application portal logon screens, and other intranet sites.

Mass Notification Connector recognizes the need for rapid dissemination of alert messaging during an emergency. Typically, an alert will be seen on any screen within 10 seconds. The alerts can be extended to far reaching audiences via email, text messaging or text to speech conversion.

Mulitview Monitor allows for mobile monitoring of all channels, from any web connected device allowing the administrator to see exactly what content and advisories are being seen by your employees, regardless of their location or workgroup.

Publish Content, Advisories and Emergency Notifications to 
Any Device From a Single Platform

C4 solution Use Cases

  • Broadcast emergency notifications, emergency messages and alerts to all devices from one console
  • Direct employees and visitors with interactive wayfinding to navigate campus
  • Broadcast IS security awareness content
  • Display CEO messages and company news
  • Announce Human Resource information and changes to employee benefit plans
  • Train employees using interactive videos , real-time RSS and XML feeds
  • Display real-time company metrics reinforcing company targets
  • Recognize employee successes and share employee generated news
  • Update employees on product enhancements, service introductions and product launches
  • Reinforce seasonal health messages and wellness programs
  • Inform, monitor and display social media news, trends and customer postings





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